Top 3 best Attic Ladders

Attic Ladders

Attic ladders are retractable ladders which can open and close through the attic door which is in the ceiling. Attic ladders are attached to the door and they provide the entrance and exit from the attic. An attic ladder should be able to withstand huge forces and pressure as it is used to take items and belonging in and out of the attic. Nowadays there are many attic ladders options to choose from and it can be quite difficult making a decision. So I will show you my top 3 picks for an attic ladder

1. Louisville AA2210 Aluminum

This by far is the latest and latest attic ladder available in the market. This aluminum ladder has wide clearance, therefore, it is easier for you to store heavy boxes and move them in and out. This attic ladder does not slam out while opening unlike other ladders, the gas cylinder helps in smooth opening and closing. The ladder also has slip-resistant cross tread steps which makes the ladder adjustable to any floor type. Louisville AA2210 Aluminum attic ladder also has incredible power to withhold heavy forces of up to 375 pounds. This is regarded as heavy performance ladder which possesses high quality and long lasting durability.

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2.Louisville L224P

If you are looking for an attic ladder for a strong wooden floor, this is the ladder for you. This is also perfect for those who have a tight space of their attic for which a staircase would not fit; this is small and very convenient for attics like these. This ladder has received great feedback from the users and comes in a fine quality which is approved by ANSI and OSHA that gives this attic ladder have an incredible reputation, as this is a wooden product it’s always trendy, elegant, royal, classy and expensive all at the same time, not to mention that you can change its color however you like as this is a wooden ladder. This ladder comes with several safety features like sturdy hinges to provide smoothness while opening, handrails to provide support in climbing up and down the attic, wire rod under each step so that one does not trip and get hurt whereas this also helps in extending the ladder. Louisville L224P is a strong ladder which can take up to 250 pounds of force. Overall, this is an extremely handy and effective attic ladder.

3.Louisville 16 AL228P

This Louisville 16 AL228P would be a very good choice if you have a very high attic; this attic ladder is long, compact, sturdy, elegant, classy and luxurious. It has a fine quality and durability as well. This ladder can hold extreme forces easily and can hold up to 375 pounds weight. This is the most stable ladder by far among the ladders mentioned in this article. One handy and unique quality of this ladder is that it can be set up very easily unlike the other attic ladders.