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A holiday message from Dr. Robert Duncan A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D. and Todd Giffen



December 12, 2016

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Subjects needed for research

We have a limited number of prototypes for which we are collecting data to alleviate electromagnetic sensitivity or prove to the government that regulations must be passed to protect a certain population.

In this study we are conducting tests for a double blind study for a particular group which will give us the data we need to proceed with this design.

These are the qualifications that you must meet to participate:

  • You must currently and for the foreseeable future live in a house in the part of the United States that has moist soil. The house is necessary because if it is wired correctly, the third prong of your electrical outlet should be Earth grounded. Trailers and dry soil/sand will not work correctly for this study.
  • You must submit a $200 deposit for borrowing the prototype to ensure that theft does not occur of these prototypes. This is fully refundable – shipping costs within 90 days. We realize that some people may not want to give them back if they work for them.
  • Instructions of use are included with the device. Follow them exactly.
  • Send the survey results back in the pre-paid envelope provided.
  • Important! For this study we need “Targeted Individuals” that fit this profile exactly. The person must have a reasonably good bill of health including mental health other than hearing voices. The voices must say things like “We are giving you cancer. We are going to kill you. We are going to kill your family. You are ugly. Etc.” Typical psychological breakdown techniques. The voices should be somewhat mild to moderate. This is due to the sensitivity of the individual. The dampening algorithm and field cannot fully detune the fully tortured and scrambled individual. We need this data pure so please be honest or you will destroy the truth that we seek for further progress.

If you fit this profile and would like to participate in this study, send your name, email address, physical address, phone #, and a one paragraph description of your symptoms to [email protected]. Your information will be recorded so you must feel comfortable with that.

William Binney and Kirk Wiebe have joined up to offer their expertise as analysts from the NSA. Submit your case of targeting: Global TI Survey.

The DOD/CIA Star Gate program is a real program where law enforcement and government integrated secretly the technology to hack into humans minds. This document is evidence of the program: CIA-RDP96-00789R002600090005-0.pdf. Courtesy the CIA themselves.

This TOP SECRET document confirms NSA's ability to make it's agents psychic, giving them access to satellites/radar that tap everyone's brains, beams information into their agents brains, and lets them psychically mind control citizens.

Prototype bio-field dampener:

Prototype v2k detector

Accounting records:

Accounting and costs associated with prototype v2k detector, maintained by Dr. Robert Duncan AB SM MBA PhD

Welcome message for participants and interested parties: pdf docx

Prick your finger. It is done. The moon has now eclipsed the sun. The angel has spread his wings. The time has come for better things.